The Cane and Rush Restoration Company


(Please apply for caning trade prices via contact page…)


*Please note that on account of an increase in material prices, I now make a separate charge for materials according to the size of chair. For those chairs that have been offered a quote, I will stick to my original price estimate!


Cane Seating *(see above)

Small simple chairs, such as cane bedroom chairs, nursing chairs etc. are priced at £1.25 – £1.50 per hole (depending on chair) up to 100 holes.
100 holes or more £1.50 – £1.75 per hole (depending on chair) up to 150 holes.

Larger pieces will be priced individually.

An average bedroom chair will thus cost about £90 – £100 to re-cane + material which would add approximately £20.00 – £25.00

Spiderbacks / Medallion Backs priced as seen, as are library or tub chairs but average out at about £2.00 – £2.50 per hole.

Sheet cane priced at between £75.00 and £100.00 per chair panel depending on type and size, prices increase for larger panels such as radiator covers etc.

Staining of cane is free on smaller panels, but for larger panels or to match several to each other a charge of £10 is applied.

Danish Cord chair seat replacement:

Side chairs £150.00 for simple side chairs, armchairs £175.

Side chairs with double rails £175.00

Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs £150.00

Large easy chairs (see gallery) £650.00


Rush Chairs

Please note that due to an acquired chest infection due to the natural rush, I take on very little of this sort of work. I still take on reel

rush work as this doesn’t affect me.

‘Reel rush’ i.e. pre-woven rush from a spool costs £120 for an average side chair and £150 for an average arm chair.

Paper rush is £150 for side chairs and £175 – £200 for carvers.

Prices for rush chairs are for standard gauge rush, and finer rushed items will be priced according to how fine the rush is.

I am always happy to give a rough estimate on what larger pieces will cost to re-seat over the phone or by email, but will usually only give a definitive quote once I have seen the piece.